The Ademian Line Hardcover

"The Ademian Line"
By Erna Olinger
302 Pages
Publication Date: May 2005
ISBN-10: 0972400788
ISBN-13: 9780972400787
$25.00 - USA

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“The Ademian Line”

"The Ademian Line" is a contemporary science-fiction novel pitting one woman's race against the hell-bent madness driving mankind toward self-destruction. Making contact with the aliens who populated Earth as a penal planet with the mutant genes of Ademian, they are coerced into giving Isa powers to alter the state of the world. Will it be in time?

"A pulsating narrative that will hold you until the explosive conclusion."

"A work of extraordinary insight. It will most assuredly make you change the way you look at life. A must read for everyone who asks the questions why am I here and how did I get here?"

"Look no further for a brilliant new interpretation of why the world is so chaotic. And how one woman's desire to change it sets in motion events that are controversial and challenging."

Erna Olinger was an acclaimed dancer before turning to writing. Author of "The Ademian Line," she also authored the science-thriller, "BioHazard Red," and the psychological thriller, "Transfers," as well as an autobiography of her world-famous dance career, "Memoirs In Toe Shoes."

"The Ademian Line"
By Erna Olinger
Quality Paperback
Vietnamese Edition
379 Pages
Publication Date: Sep. 2005
ISBN-10: 097240077x
ISBN-13: 9780972400770
$12.95 - USA

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The Ademian Line Vietnamese

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