The Anatom Reflex Cover

"The Anatom Reflex"

When LA private detective Harry Fox finds out what he's being hired for in "The Anatom Reflex," he realizes solving the case is going to be a formidable task. He begins his investigation and enters a world of mystery and intrigue and is soon in the middle of a dynastic feud that quickly escalates to murder. Through it all, Harry learns about the Anatom Reflex—a powerful concept that forces him to set aside his own skepticism while fighting to remain objective in the face of overwhelming odds. Go along with Harry as he uncovers what's really going on and how a series of bizarre events are working against him as he tries to solve the case with time running out.

"The Anatom Reflex"
By Daniel Segal
Mass-Market Paperback
464 Pages
Publication Date: September 20, 2014
ISBN - 10: 0-981-78979-X
ISBN - 13: 978-0-9817897-9-8

Daniel Segal

Daniel Segal

Author of four Harry Fox books, Daniel Segal enjoys the tight atmospherics of the detective/mystery novel. The genre allows him to explore the hyperintensity of people careening into life-threatening situations that must be resolved at all cost in a short period of time.

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