“LSD: The Highway to Mental Health”

In April 1943, Dr. Albert Hofmann ingested a small amount of LSD at his Basel, Switzerland laboratory, where he managed to synthesize the drug from ergot alkaloid. His now-famous bicycle ride, feeling the firsthand effects of this powerful hallucinogen, has become the substance of legend.

LSD: The Highway to Mental Health

It didn't take long for LSD to spread around the world as a wonder drug and a cursed drug. With the street abuse happening everywhere, particularly in America, LSD was soon outlawed worldwide.

Yet in Czechoslovakia, behind the Iron Curtain at the time, one psychiatrist, Dr. Milan Hausner, established a clinic and used LSD in psychotherapy for 20 years.

In the course of Dr. Hausner's work, his clinic near Prague gained international recognition as the largest facility of its kind, supervising over 3,000 therapeutic sessions with LSD involving more than 300 patients. As a result, his clinic became one of the most extensive LSD centers in the world.

"LSD: The Highway to Mental Health," tells how Dr. Hausner did it, what happened at his clinic, and what he was able to achieve.

"LSD: The Highway to Mental Health"
By Milan Hausner, MD, with Erna Segal
300 Pages
Publication Date: September 29, 2009
ISBN: 978-0-9797838-0-7


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Dr. Hausner with Erna SegalDr. Hausner
with Erna Segal

Milan Hausner, MDMilan Hausner, MD Dr. Cohen Dr. Sidney Cohen Talking MenDr. Cohen
& Dr. Stanislav Grof
Vaclav Hapl and Erna SegalFilm Director
Vaclav Hapl
& Erna Segal

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