Lips Are for Lying English Cover

“Lips Are for Lying”

The porn queen Mirabel Larkin has been doing a series of films using real stiffs. No pun intended. For the past two days, she and a small crew have bribed someone in the coroner's office to allow them to shoot their latest video, believe it or not, called "Stiff Me Forever" using real corpses. They did it once before. This time they took home three of them. One of them is the Mayor's nephew, killed in a motorcycle crash two days ago on Sunset. So begins "Lips Are for Lying," the Harry Fox detective novel.

Called in ostensibly to discreetly find the corpses, LA-based Harry Fox, the detective to the stars, finds himself embroiled in the murky world of the porn business when the gorgeous Mirabel's lover, film director Tony Blake, is found dead in the house where Mirabel lives with Tony's rich schizoid friend Meyer Levin. Harry is caught up in a world where no one is telling the truth, and he finds himself going down a number of dead ends as he tries to find logic in a world of money, sex, and murder all wrapped up in lies.

Living at the beach, with his office in Brentwood, we follow Harry to San Diego, where Meyer has gone, en route to Costa Rica through Mexico, to get away from the police. Not knowing who to believe, Harry soon finds his life in danger, his hands on hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the beautiful Mirabel in his bed. It's not long before more murders occur, leading to an explosive climax after Harry discovers that tens of millions of dollars have been spirited out of the country into foreign bank accounts, for what reason he can only guess.

"Lips Are for Lying" is the first in the series of Harry Fox murder mysteries. Set in the City of Angels where noir is a frame of mind, Harry's job is to look for some light to shed on the travails of the people who inhabit their bubble of fame, fortune, and power which, with one stroke of angst, blows up in their faces with Harry the only one left to piece it all back together.

"Lips Are for Lying"
By Daniel Segal
Quality Paperback
277 Pages
Publication Date: December 2002
ISBN-10: 0972400737
ISBN-13: 9780972400732
$12.95 - USA

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"Lips Are for Lying"
By Daniel Segal
(Vietnamese Edition)
Quality Paperback
299 Pages
Publication Date: September 2008
ISBN-10: 0-9817897-0-6
ISBN-13: 978-0-9817897-1-2
$13.95 - USA

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Lips Are for Lying Vietnamese Cover

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